Fosscomm 2022

Assessing Open Source with Software Resilience.
2022-11-20, 13:00–13:30 (Europe/Athens), Room II

This talk will present a framework based on Software Resilience as a way of assessing Open Source Software. With so many different Open Source Software applications available out there, companies and organizations need a way of choosing the right tools to adopt. Tools that show resilience over time and have all these characteristics that lead to longevity and sustainability.

Open Source Software have been evolving and maturing for more than 20 years. It has give birth to mature commercial solution that are being used in the industry, has promoted co-creation via protocols like git, mercurial, etc and resulted to communities and code related social networks, to which, prestigious companies base their software development operations.

In 2020 the European Commission published the Open Source Software Strategy 2020-2023. This is considered a milestone for the adoption of Open Source in the European Union. With Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs) we are moving to a next phase where companies and organizations can strategically utilize Open Source Software to evolve.

But how can an OSPO decide which Open Source Project to suggest / invest to? Is this project going to be alive in 10-20 years from now? In this talk we will present a framework based on Software Resilience as a suggested way to assess Open Source Software and try to answer the aforementioned questions.