Fosscomm 2022

Presentation of Sagemath computer algebra system
2022-11-19, 19:30–19:50 (Europe/Athens), Room II

We present basic properties and characteristics of the open source framework Sagemath.
Sagemath is a platform that unifies many other opensource systems, such as Pari gp, octave, etc and implements specialized algorithms of computational mathematics. It is based on Python/Cython.

In this talk we shall try to introduce Sagemath framework. Sagemath is opensource, where hundreds of developers around the world contribute by implementing algorithms, writing books or wikipedia articles etc. There are many algorithms in different branches of mathematics such as calculus, linear algebra, probabilities, statistics, number theory, combinatorics, algebraic geometry, group theory and others. Also, it cooperates well, with other opensource and specialized programs such as Pari gp, octave etc Its default environment is jupyter.

(Online Talk)