Fosscomm 2022

The product experience team process
2022-11-20, 17:30–18:00 (Europe/Athens), Room I

Every design process is different depending the product you're designing and the resources in your disposal. This is the story of how design decisions are being taken in Transifex.

Being a small team of designers inside a big team of engineers, in a company that serves enterprise & open source customers with different missions & goals, has its challenges and without a solid Product Experience process, you have a lower chance of creating a product that serves your customers in the best possible way.
In this talk, we'll define how we are taking decisions as a product experience team, how we evaluate and prioritise tasks, how we execute, and how do we know that our work is successful.

Thanos is designing experiences as part of a team or as a freelance consultant for the last 15 years. He is currently leading the design efforts in Transifex, a localisation platform that is used by over 500k users and helps industry leading companies & open source organisations to localise their digital products.