Fosscomm 2022

Conduit: An OSS Firebase Alternative
2022-11-20, 11:00–11:30 (Europe/Athens), Room I

Conduit provides an OSS backend platform that takes care of the boring stuff, so you can focus on what matters. Authentication, Content Management, Security, API docs are all automatically built for you.

In this day and age, when you want to build new software you'll almost always create a server and client. This requires for you to build effectively 2 pieces of software, and most of the times the 1st one (the server) will do very typical stuff that you need to always make. This includes adding an authentication system (e-mail/password, Facebook, Google etc), connecting to the db of your choice, creating schemas, creating CRUD operations etc. These operations are the same across all backend systems, but what makes them unique is the specific business logic of your solution. Conduit abstracts this layer of similarity, and provides you with Authentication using email/password, phone, and multiple oAuth providers; it allows you to connect to PostgreSQL and MongoDB with a consistent API layer, constructs endpoints for both REST and GraphQL, auto-creates CRUD operations for your schemas and providers you a UI to edit them and manage your data. It even provides you with logs and metrics. All of this magic is provided to you out-of-the-box, the only thing required from you, is to create what you want.

Technology geek, working with computers since ever. Currently serving as Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Quintessential, building digital products and generating revenue for companies. I've recently created the OSS Conduit Platform to speed up backend development. On my spare time I like reading books and expanding my knowledge on a number of topics.