Fosscomm 2022

Work-Life Balance - Not a Myth
2022-11-19, 18:00–18:30 (Europe/Athens), Room III

The balance between professional and personal life is very important and at the same time quite sensitive. It means something different to each of us. Either way, you need to do your best to get the result you want. The balance between these two concepts, after all, is not a myth.

Work-life balance is too important to be left without boundaries. At the same time, it is quite sensitive.

Surely you have heard and read several myths and truths which support the balance between these two concepts. Is there really an ideal day to efficiently organize your everyday life? What can really help you see your professional life the way you want it?

The first step to achieving it is encouragement, the second step, after all, is to make it happen.

Vasilis is passionate about understanding consumer needs and solving problems through user-centered design thinking. He thrives in bringing ideas to life. He has experience working as a solo-functional UX Consultant, road mapping and implementing all the UX aspects with an organization. Consistently learning. Collaborating with product managers, engineers, marketers, and other designers. Storyteller, driven self-starter, book lover, runner addicted.

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